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The entire Reyes family in the Dominican Republic, are very successful in the tobacco and cigar production since 1910.

“Cigars are our craft, our determination and passion”. 

In these, almost more than 100 years of experience, the creed of our family is the cultivation of high quality tobaccos. 


All tobacco plants grown in a 100% biological natural way and only the highest quality of tobacco leaves where used for the manufacturing of our cigars. Cultivation and handling of tobaccos and our finest cigars are made with this family philosophy, which is forwarded from generation to generation.


During the manufacturing of a cigar, the “Brown Goddess” is appreciated with grace and love by the cigar roller (torcedors). His diligence determines the required flavor and enjoyment.


Particularly Mr. Eng. José Leonardo Reyes V., a member of this family network where Mercedes Reyes Cigars is grown out, who produce year by year the best tobaccos with new ideas and developments.  


Those tobaccos are well known around the world for high quality and continuity. Especially Cuban tobacco varieties, which grown excellent in the Dominican Republic, emphasize the family quality standard.


More than 1000 employee are active for our family network with engagement and passion.

Gina Mercedes Reyes



Carlos Carralero

Consultant & Cigar roller


Gina Alessandra Marquardt Mercedes

Management & Cigar roller


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